A collection of premium wine barrel, spirit barrel, and oak alternative brands

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Expert Consultation & Customer Support

Our Barrel Consultants and Oak Alternative Specialists work directly with customers to ensure the proper pairing between wine and oak. We are committed to excellence, innovation and the very best in modern cooperage. Our expert coopers, with years of knowledge in proper barrel care, are also available to support our customers.
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Full Range of Premium Barrel and Oak Alternative Brands

Our premium brands are as unique as your wine or spirits. We have brands that craft barrels and oak alternatives in France, Australia, and the United States - each with a different focus and essence. Our collection offers a wide variety of options so you can find the right fit for your program.
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Vertical Integration & Quality Control

Since we own all our mills and cooperages, we have complete control over the quality and specifications for each of our brands. Full transparency of the cooperage process is extremely important to ensure the production of high quality barrels in a sustainable manner.
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